Why I Travel

Dolomites Path

During my second year of college, I had to write a reflection paper about something that makes me feel alive. The answer to that question was simple: when I am traveling, adventuring or trying new things with the people I love most, I feel completely alive. Some of my most treasured stories and memories have happened while I have been traveling, and I have learned a lot about myself when unexpected twists and turns happen along the journey. I travel for many reasons, but first, and most importantly, I travel because it makes me feel energized and so full of life.

I have a hard time imagining that every country, all over the world would have their own unique culture, traditions, geography and language if I didn’t think God meant for us to discover and understand what life other places besides your own home is all about. Each time the plane lands both somewhere new and familiar, I say a quick prayer of thanks for having the opportunity to see another beautiful place that my creator made and has allowed me to experience.

I travel because it makes me a better version of myself, because it opens my eyes, because it educates me about history and its lessons for me going forward. I travel to taste new food, meet new people and experience new things. I travel because it brings me closer to those I am traveling with. Some of my closest friends have become my closest friends because we have such an extraordinary time going on an adventure together. I travel because it reminds me of the beauty that God has placed all around us and it leaves me in awe of how vast and varied the world is we live in.

I travel for the scenery, for the ability to leave cell phones and the internet behind, to escape from the hustle of the city. Other times, I travel to a city to be surrounded by its elixir of energy, people and endless list of things to do and experience. Somehow travel has that perfect combination of losing yourself and finding yourself all at once. Sometimes, you just need your brain to have the opportunity to go blank and calm down in order to have a revelation about where you want your life to go next.

Fundamentally, I believe that travel is one of the most life transforming, paradigm shifting and inspiring things you can do. It allows you to see the world through the lens of other people’s realities, even if it is just for a short period of time. Hearing about a place and seeing it for yourself are two completely different experiences, and only by seeing do you really understand what it means to be present in that place at that particular time.

I also travel for the education and the understanding. Each time I go somewhere, especially when it is far from my own home, I take the care to get acquainted with where I’m going before I get there. Once I get there that preliminary education becomes the mechanism by which I can ask the questions to learn exponentially more about my location. The education of place often comes from its people as much as from its history. Getting to have conversation with locals about how their lives differ from mine and the things they hold important have most definitely had long-lasting impact on me, and as I write this sentence I can see images of the faces with whom I’ve had these conversations with.

I’m writing this because it is important to remember why you travel. Each time you go somewhere new, or are plotting your next adventure I think you should ask yourself why. So …why do you travel? What makes you get on the plane each time? I know I’d love to hear.



  1. Your blog is spectacular! Thanks so much for sharing. I’ll definitely be returning and keeping up with your adventures.

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