App Review: Field Trip

Field Trip App Review

I first read about Field Trip a couple of months ago and was really disappointed when I found out it was only available on Android, but would soon be available for download on my iPhone. As soon as the iPhone version was available, I immediately downloaded it to see if it was all it was hyped up to be.

Field Trip is a Google developed mobile app that sends you alerts when you are near a point of interest. The app allows you to have a “Field Trip” like educational experience by the user accessing information on the app about the experiences that are nearby.

You can also select your interests (think architecture, cool & unique, food, lifestyle) inside of the app so that it sends you notifications based on the things that you are most likely to want to explore.  Within each of the interest categories, you can see the sources that the content is being pulled from and you can actually select which sources are relevant to you. For example: Food Network and Eater are listed inside of the food category and you can select if you’d like their results to display.

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Travel Tech Monthly Roundup

Travel Tech Roundup February

1. Roadtrippers: This is a website that I could actually find myself perusing before every road trip. Enter your beginning and end destinations and Roadtrippers will show you all points of interest, restaurants and other pit stop ideas along your route. It also estimates total time in the car, fuel price and total mileage.

2. For Less Guides: For Less Guides allows you to locate discount vouchers for area attractions, use offline maps of street and metro maps and save your favorites to your app. It is currently available in Amsterdam, London, San Francisco and New York. It is designed as a free, offline way to store all of your favorite and relevant itinerary information. I find this the most important, as I often do not want to launch apps when I am traveling internationally due to high data costs.

3. SeatGuru Update: The SeatGuru mobile app update has done away with their somewhat outdated interface and has updated it so you can view high definition pictures of specific seats on an airplane. It is definitely something to consider before your next long haul flight. [Read more…]

What Travel Tools and Resources Do You Love?

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As most of you probably know, I am working on an exciting new site design for The Everyday Adventurer which will probably go live in a little over a month. One of the things that I am excited to include is a list of resources for you to have access to each time you are planning a trip. While I was compiling my list, I thought it would be fun to ask all of you a few questions about what tools and resources you use for trip planning and how you go about picking your next great travel destination. I would love it if you would answer in the comments area below, or shoot me an email at lindseyhchandler {at} if you would rather share that way!

1) What websites or tools do you use to figure out where you want to go next?

2) What is your favorite travel related mobile app?

3) Once you’ve hit the road, what is your must have resource?

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3 Travel Apps to Try Now

3 Travel Apps to Download

There is an app for just about everything these days, and half of the trouble is trying to find the apps that are worth the download and actually belong in one of the folders on your phone. I’ve recently downloaded these three, and can say with confidence that they all deserve for you to test run and keep handy on your phone.

1. Uber: The Uber app allows you to request a ride (via black car service) at any time using your Apple or Android device. Once you set your pick-up location on a map, the nearest black car driver will come pick you up at your requested location. I think this is a great alternative to a cab, and provides a guaranteed and much more stylish way to get home. Another great perk: Uber has your credit card stored on file so you don’t even have to worry about cash. Right now Uber is available in 23 cities around the world. [Read more…]

TripCase: Manage Your Itinerary All in One Place


The TripCase app is perhaps the most practical and necessary that I have listed in my Travel App Arsenal. It organizes all of the segments in your itinerary in one place and gives you the most up to date alerts and information while you are en route to your destination. The app has two easy ways to load your itinerary. You can either email your itinerary to them directly and they will load it for you or you can enter your confirmation number into the application and it will automatically retrieve all of your trip details. [Read more…]

The Travel App Arsenal

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You may notice a new feature in the menu at the top of The Everyday Adventurer called “The Travel App Arsenal.” This will be the place where you find the most up to date list of all of my personal favorite travel related apps that will help you next time you take a trip. I can assure you this list has been road tested by me, and are currently downloaded as apps I use each time I travel on my phone.

If you have an app that you think should be added to the list, let me know and I will be sure to test it out!

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