This Week’s Everyday Adventures & A Few Links

Happy Weekend

Happy Spring Break week everyone! My office has been unusually quiet as people have headed out for a little break with their families. This weekend, I will be participating in some St. Patrick’s Day activities and enjoying the beautiful weather that has suddenly appeared in Dallas.

This week, my adventures included:

+ Cooking my first Thai recipe ever that was on the cover of Bon Appetit. I really love Thai soups that have coconut milk in them, so I thought I would take a stab at it. I would say it was a success!

+ Having so much extra energy because of the added hours of sunshine each day! I have spent some quality time on restaurant patios (including trying this one), taking some long walks outside and making a couple of shopping runs to my favorite areas.

+ Guest posting on Elizabeth’s blog about my “Perfect Day in Punta del Este.” If you haven’t already had a chance to check it out, you should!

** And a few of my favorite travel related links and finds from this week **

You would probably have to be living under a rock to have missed all of the reporting going on about SXSW (which is a bucket list item of mine). Here is Tory Burch’s playlist for, as she puts it, “Spring Break for Techies.” – The Tory Blog

Whole Foods is expanding their healthy living empire with a health resort, [Read more…]


This Week’s Everyday Adventures & A Few Links

French Bulldog

This week was a lot of fun. You have probably seen that I had quite a few adventures in New Orleans last weekend, and this weekend I will have a few more celebrating a friend’s birthday tonight and Valentine’s Day tomorrow in Dallas (which means consuming lots and lots of good food). I hope you all had a chance to read this week’s edition of Amongst the Chatter, where I am talking about one of the fundamental elements of everyday adventure: celebrating life. Happy Weekend everyone, hope it is great!

This week, my adventures included:

+ Attending my first Mardi Gras (which was a huge success), watching lots of parades and trying out Spirit Airlines for the first time.

+ Becoming completely obsessed with Downton Abbey. I know I am a bit behind the times by just starting to watch it now, but I have almost made it through the first two seasons. Does anyone else watch it?

+ Compiling lots of resources and information for my site redesign. I have been working on putting together a master list of resources for travel and everyday adventure the past couple of weeks, and finally got it to a place I am happy with. If you have any you’d like to share, I’d love to hear about them.

** And a few of my favorite travel and everyday adventure links and finds from this week **

If you love wine as much as I do, but could still use a little education on what to pair it with etc. The Everygirl has partnered with Cupcake Vineyards to create Wine Education and Tasting 101. Love it! – The Everygirl

In honor of Valentine’s Day: A roundup of a few vibrant pink lakes around the world. [Read more…]

This Week’s Everyday Adventures & A Few Links

Coffee Outside

Oh my goodness this week wore me out, which is why this post is so late today! The weather has been nice in Dallas, and if it continues to behave I can’t wait to spend some time outside relaxing this weekend. Wishing you all adventure and fun-filled weekends!

This week, my adventures included:

+ Heading over to Fort Worth with a friend that was in town from DC to spend a little time in the city where we lived during college. It ended up being a perfect sunny day, so we sat outside at The Woodshed and had some creative BBQ from Chef Tim Love.

+ Booking my ticket to New Orleans for Mardi Gras (that counts as an adventure right?)! My roommate’s family is from there and they go every year, so I can’t wait to experience Mardi Gras in true and authentic style.

** And a few of my favorite travel related links and finds from this week **

Am I way behind the times by just figuring out that Whole Foods offers Whole Journeys? It’s an experiential travel program that brings the traveler to the home of the products sold in their stores. We are talking farm to table in Tuscany and following the ancient tea route in China. – Whole Journeys

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This Week’s Everyday Adventures & A Few Links

Time to Do It Over

I loved finding this quote on Pinterest this week by John Wooden. I’ve taken quite a few personality and strengths type tests over the years, and it always comes as no surprise that my personality type is the “do it, and do it right” variety. I always believe in putting your best effort forward, because when you don’t you either have to do it again or someone has to pick up where you left off. I hope you are all geared up for everyday adventure filled weekends! I know I am. My friend will be in town from D.C. so we will be doing some exploring around Dallas this weekend.

This week, my adventures included:

+ Testing out Emporium Pies, a pie and coffee shop in Dallas’ Bishop Arts District. With flavors like Smooth Operator (French Silk Chocolate with Pretzel Crust) and The Drunken Nut (Bourbon Pecan), the small shop in an old house will have me as a repeat customer.

+ Making a quick trip up to Oklahoma to spend a little time with my sister before she started school. Always nice to have a sister day laughing and catching up.

+ Evaluating a couple of new header designs for the site! I seriously cannot wait to share the new site design with all of you in the coming months. It will be so exciting to have a professional, fun and fresh design.

And a few of my favorite travel related links and finds from this week:

If you follow me on Twitter, you have probably noticed a sudden influx of retweets from Skift. Their collection of travel news and trends is pretty much unparalleled to every other travel news site I’ve seen so far. If you haven’t checked it out, you absolutely should. – Skift [Read more…]

This Week’s Everyday Adventures & A Few Links

Coffee and Clutch

Happy Weekend everyone! I am now on week two in my new job, and feel like I am getting settled in and have a good idea of what the next six months will be like. It has been exciting learning about a new product and the ways that the product will help to change the way people travel. This week has been busy in the best sense of the word … after work my schedule was full catching up with friends, working on the visual concept for the site redesign and dreaming about where my adventures will take me in 2013.

This week, my adventures included:

+ Starting a ballet class. I have a hard time doing physical activity during the work week because my schedule is so busy, (I know lame excuse) but ballet is one of the things I love most. I took ballet classes for 12 years growing up, so it is not only a good workout, but something I really enjoy.

+ Catching up with a high school friend that I haven’t seen in almost a year even though we live in the same city! It was so good to hear how she is doing, listen to what her everyday is all about and make a pact to not let as much time go by before we see each other again.

+ Watching Les Mis, and left the movie theater wanting to give away every material possession I own. I saw it in London last time I was there, and remember leaving with a similar feeling, but the movie magnified every struggle to the um-teenth power. Highly recommend seeing it.

And a few of my favorite travel related links and finds from this week:

This one isn’t exactly a travel related link, but it has everything possible to do with everyday adventure. It exposes America’s obsession with happiness versus finding your purpose and meaning. I’m definitely on the purpose side. – The Atlantic

For you luxury travel seekers (or dreamers) out there, [Read more…]

This Week’s Everyday Adventures & A Few Links

Cable Car San Fran

I am changing my usual Friday posts a little bit from here on out. I want to stay true to the name and purpose of my blog and report back to all of you each week on some everyday adventures I have celebrated in the past 7 days, and also still report on some of my favorite travel stories and finds from around the web. Although this blog is mainly geared toward travel, it is also meant to inspire living life to the fullest and looking for ways to explore and have adventure in your life each day, whether it’s in your own city or halfway across the world.

This week …

– A couple of friends and I rented a cabin on Broken Bow lake in Oklahoma to ring in 2013. We spent two days playing intense sessions of Taboo, cooking ridiculously unhealthy food, reading and just goofing off in general.

– I started a new job on Wednesday. I am in a rotational program at work where I change jobs every six months and will be in my new stint until June. It’s such a fun opportunity to learn so many parts of the business and meet lots of new people.

– I attempted to eat 365 black-eyed peas in hopes to give myself some good luck for 2013. Being the major nerd that I am, I usually calculate how many peas fit in the average spoon and figure out how many I need to shovel down. It just doesn’t feel like a new year until I’ve eaten them.

– My dad and I went to go see Blue Man Group when they visited Dallas. We seriously almost got picked as the people to go up and make idiots of ourselves up on stage. All three of them were standing on our arm rests on our chairs and picked someone three seats down from me. (Crisis averted)

And a few of my favorite travel related links and finds from this week:

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