App Review: Field Trip

Field Trip App Review

I first read about Field Trip a couple of months ago and was really disappointed when I found out it was only available on Android, but would soon be available for download on my iPhone. As soon as the iPhone version was available, I immediately downloaded it to see if it was all it was hyped up to be.

Field Trip is a Google developed mobile app that sends you alerts when you are near a point of interest. The app allows you to have a “Field Trip” like educational experience by the user accessing information on the app about the experiences that are nearby.

You can also select your interests (think architecture, cool & unique, food, lifestyle) inside of the app so that it sends you notifications based on the things that you are most likely to want to explore.  Within each of the interest categories, you can see the sources that the content is being pulled from and you can actually select which sources are relevant to you. For example: Food Network and Eater are listed inside of the food category and you can select if you’d like their results to display.

The Verdict: I love that the app has ideas both in and outside of major city areas. It is often much harder to find a point of interest when you are out in the suburbs or in the middle of nowhere. I also really like the idea of having the app send you frequent notifications when you are in a new city with lots of historical sites so you don’t miss out on something that you are literally walking right by. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a major city and didn’t realize I was walking by something important until someone told me later or I ended up reading about it somewhere. The one downside is that it drains your battery and your GPS needs to be on in order to use it. I would recommend only enabling Field Trip whenever you are wanting to know what’s around you. Overall, I think Field Trip is a must download with a really easy to use interface.

Download Field Trip on your iPhone or Android device.

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  1. Is this an app that’s America only or does it do other countries?

  2. This app is awesome. Just moved to Houston and had no idea how helpful something like this could be. – Thanks for the rec.

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